Project Pay It Forward is a program of Student Body of America Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization operated for educational purposes.

Be part of Project Pay it Forward. There are many ways you can join us to pay it forward and give back. It doesn't cost anything but a few minutes out of your day! 

Amy Mintz


Founder of Student Body
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Dr. Stephen Post

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Founder, The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love

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Gender Equality

Education is a human right, but around the world there are still 62 million girls out of school.  Educating girls has a multiplier effect - impacting all of society and into future generations. Join us to help girls.


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Project Pay It Forward programs help at-risk youth gain a sense of community and belonging through character education that fosters the spirit of paying it forward, so kids can benefit and thrive.

At-Risk Youth

Dr. Allan Luks

Advisory Board

Founder, Center for Nonprofit Leadership at Fordham University